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Trading Room is an online chat room where you get to interact directly with experienced chart readers while you learn to apply various trading methodologies real time. Our coaches will talk to you about the psychology behind trading, money management tactics and will highlight the common mistakes that you could make 


Our courses are categorised based on your level of Knowledge: Beginners, Intermediate and Experts. These courses are structured to systematically build on your learning through online classrooms,articles and webinars.


Webinar is a unique Knowledge Sharing opportunity and a way for the Tradonomix Team to give back to the Trading Community. This online session held once in a month is attended by a good faction of the Trading Community. Our coaches at tradonomix pick a trading related topic on public demand and share their knowledge and insights about the same.  

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Trading comes with its own set of unique highs and lows. Sometimes you hit the jackpot while at other times you hit rock bottom. You go through a number of emotions throughout your trading experience but the moment you let the emotions overpower you things will go downhill because you will lose your obje...

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